Monday, 27 June 2016


Meet Limited Run Games. An awesome publishing company who has been publishing indie titles for indie developers and fans who really love to a have indie games in their collection. Since the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita were region free. They have been producing very limited physical copies such as Octodad, Oddworld New n' Tasty, Saturday Morning RPG which Europe does not have in their European Store as of yet, Futuridum, Xeodrifter and Breach & Clear which is their first published title. 

However, these boxed copies can only be bought on their website and once they are all sold out, that's it. So if you really wish to have any game as a physical box. You have to get it as early as possible. You will never that the Limited Run published games will become collector's items and is worth hundreds. In this list we will list down the 10 games that need the physical treatment. This is not a top 10. Just the 10 games that really needs it. Also, we do not count already-published indie games or Nintendo exclusives since one, some games already had the physical treatment (sorry Shovel Knight, RCR DX and Teslagrad), and two, Nintendo systems are region locked.


You know, FuturLab never had any Limited Run treatment thus far. We know the game was released few years ago and was given away via PlayStation Plus. With excellent gameplay, soundtrack and much more, in my opinion FuturLab should make a deal with Limited Run to produce Limited Run copies for both PSVita and PS4. If EastAsiaSoft made a deal, I'm sure FuturLab could pretty much do it once they make a new IP.


And so did Curve Digital along with all of their titles. Curve Digital has been a major supporter for the PlayStation Vita. With addictive gameplay, challenging puzzles and locked on 60fps on both PlayStation systems. I think this would make a great candidate. Now because both games may have small file sizes. They could cram in two games into one cartridge like what Sony did with their HD compilations. Make it happen Curve Digital. 


Not going to say this, I love this game, the graphics were colourful, precise touch-screen control and runs perfectly on the PlayStation Vita without any lag or crashes. Drinkbox Studios did an excellent job. A Limited Run physical version is a must. While I bought it a few months ago. I never got around to play it. If you never played it, you should give it a try. I mean, who doesn't love to see the beautiful art-style on the PSVita boxart?  


Enter Image & Form Games. the studio that has developed two steampunk games for pretty much every single platform, Steamworld Dig, a digging game where you collect loot and upgrades. And Steamworld Heist, a 2D turn-based strategy game where you defeat enemy robots using fancy trick shots and collect loot. Since these games turn out great. I would love to see the psyhical treatment from Limited Run.


This game got both PSVita, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions and they were cross-buy. Since these games were cross-buy compatible. A cross-buy code could be bundled into any copies of the game. This means getting all 2500 codes from Klei Entertainment would be a bother. However, Few of SCE's psyhical titles actually had cross-buy enabled with the PlayStation Vita and so did the upcoming Mighty No.9 as it was advertised on the box. This gorgeous survival horror would make a great Limited Run edition. All DLC and cross-buy included.

5. OLLI-OLLI 1+2

Limited Run Edition with two games in one cartridge? Yes please! I really like Roll7's OlliOlli games. 60fps per second, no load times, no lag but there was a crash at first until it got patched out. They were also great for break times. I don't care if these games came bundled or separate. It would be great.  


Super Meat Boy is one of the most popular indie games of all time and was almost released on every platform. It was even given away for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Now how about a Limited Run release of this popular indie game? It has to happen. The PSVita version is flawless with no frame drops after all even with all those particles used. A Limited Run physical release needs to happen.


Now, we all know that the PSVita version did not Binding of Issac Aftermath. But both versions got Binding of Issac Rebirth. Binding of Issac however is a another one of those great titles worth playing today. It plays just like the dungeons in The Legend of Zelda except you shoot...tears? I would love to see a Limited Run release of this game. 


Playrise has finally brung back the Micro Machines in 3D. Even though there were two different games in the series. I would like to see the Limited Run release of this game. The game is very challenging, no-frame drops and good quality graphics for the Vita handheld. Even though the game is challenging, it does have it's charm.  

And before we reveal the last one. Here's some honorable mentions:
  • Forma.8
  • Kick & Fennick
  • Goat Simluator
  • Rocketbirds 1+2
  • Flame Over
  • Dragon Fantasy
  • Siralim


Even though I have yet to play this game as of yet. I heard it's a great Metroidvania title but unfortunely, I couldn't get my hands on it due to budget constraints and want to save up. Not only it would make a great candidate for PlayStation Plus but also for the Limited Run range. With a great dark story and interesting levels. This is the one for PSVita owners.

Thursday, 23 June 2016


20 Years Ago, SEGA felt that they needed new cool mascot to rival against Nintendo's famous video game character called Mario and to increase more sales for their 16-bit Mega Drive unit (Genesis if you're from the USA). He is the one that replaced Alex Kidd, he is the one that inspired many cartoon characters, he is the one that rivaled Mario. And he is the one that had super-speed and even curls into a ball. His name is Sonic The Hedgehog! One of the most iconic video game mascots in the 1990's next to Mario, Pac-Man and Megaman.

Even though Nintendo's NES was home to most popular games such as Castlevania, Megaman, Mario and many more. The Mega Drive had perfect arcade quality ports and later on it was home to the blue hedgehog. Sonic himself. He was all about speed, collecting the rings, get all the chaos emeralds. thwart the evil Dr. Robotnik to save the animals from becoming robotic salves. One year later, Sonic had a two-tailed sidekick fox named Tails hence he has two tails for a weird reason. SEGA had a major success with Sonic during the Mega Drive age. And yes I own Sonic Spinball. Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic CD too but back then, I never owned these games as a real physical copy for my real SEGA systems.

Until, SEGA struggled with Sonic Xtreme. After many delays and cancellations, the game got cancelled and instead. We got three average Sonic titles which are Sonic R, a very short foot-racing games with only 5 tracks! Sonic Jam, a compilation with Sonic ROM's slapped on as well as a 3D area. And Sonic 3D Blast, the first Sonic game that was made by a third-party developer. Traveller's Tales helped out development of both Sonic R and Sonic 3D Blast. I don't know why SEGA struggled to market 5 consoles at one time. Yet again, the Saturn lost the console war to PlayStation due lack of good titles and even a good Sonic game. But still, it's great for arcade ports.

However, Sonic had some great games and some bad games. But it doesn't stop the blue blur from being popular. When I was a kid, I too used to play on Sonic The Hedgehog as well as watched The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon back then. It was great until I finally got to play the legit version on the Mega Drive along with Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It's a shame I never owned many Sonic games....Until now. But hey, I still love him none of the less. So anyway. I'm just going to leave you with a couple of Sonic related videos.

Happy 20th Anniversary Sonic the Hedgehog


Monday, 20 June 2016


DeviantART is a really fun art social website where people from all over the world share their masterpieces throughout the globe. You can even comish people to draw stuff for you with the use of DeviantART's own currency also own as ''Points'' and also via PayPal. It was first founded way back in 2000 and I only just joined the site since 2008. Later on, I decided to share my original creations with the world. I even happen to make new friends along the way which is great.

Unfortunately though. DeviantART has tons of serious problems that were never fixed for a long time. Even the mobile app is extremely half-assed to use and lacks many key features such as dA's points system, ability to delete images, ability to llamas to people, scraps, and hell even lacks micro-transactions that could of been easily used for points and premi.. err I mean ''Core'' memberships. Here, I'm about to list down the main core problems that DeviantART really needs to fix in order to make the community more happy.

Everytime I browse the website. 1-4 picture thumbnails refuse to load, especially in the new crappy update for search results and on DeviantART's own mobile app. I had to refresh the page three or more times just to get them to load properly and it's being a common problem for two months. My internet connection for my computer and 4G connection for my smarphone however works flawless with other websites so it can't be my internet connection, It's their crap servers and it's getting annoying. I had no choice but to report this issue...5 times for a tiny two month old problem. When I report this problem, I got nothing but the same old copy/paste message saying their Devious tech team are looking into this. Alas, they did nothing but ignoring the issue. Why fix a simple common bug that's not broken when other companies can fix a simple bug no problem without any reports. I also happen to grab a sample if you want to take a look, I get this issue all the damn time.

While it's very nice and simple to use but it's seriously horrific to use at the same time. It lacks the main key features that the main desktop website has. There is no way to use/give/pay dA points, access your, give out llamas and no way to purchase points and buy/extend premium membership. Many many mobile apps has micro-transactions, DeviantART on the other hand lacks this. Why? Even worse it still has this annoying thumbnail bug that the main site has and the images even deload for no reason. And let's not forget about this infamous log out bug where you're forced to log in every week. I really want to delete this app but my network provider blocks the website for 4G access due to it's dumb age restriction. One day I will delete this horrible app off my phone. Also, if you click on the weblink on the app, it opens a browser you still get the annoying page warning that there are monsters out there even though dA got rid of it.

While I would include the infamous 500 server error and the annoying warning page. These issues were finally fixed a long time ago. However, the website is still flawed none of the less. DeviantART if you get chance. Please fix your website. Thank you.  

Friday, 17 June 2016


You know I was about to start my new project on the 2016 Rio Olympics and decided to look on who is this year's mascot. These two cutesy characters showed up in the image results and holy cow, these two mascot are so freaking adorable!!

Selfie with the mascots? Make your own over here:

The name of the mascot is Vinicious who is quite a mixture of a monkey and a cat and his best friend is a tree-like character called Tom. I don't know about you but Vinicious really reminds me of Adventure Time due to the fact he is like Jake and Finn mixed together. And he can stretch his arms and legs much like Jake. It also reminds that these characters came from a Cartoon Network show. In fact they even had their cartoon shorts shown on Cartoon Network Brazil and on YouTube to coincide with the Olympic Games. Here's one of the shorts below:

And since the mascot are very cute. I happen to do some fanart of them:

I'm so glad the Olympic Games created the most adorable mascots they never made. So cute that I really want the plushies of both of them now. If only...

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Well folks it looks like now finally now our worst PSVita game of all time which is much worse than Die! Die! Die! and Black Ops Declassified. Enter Infotronik Games, a small budget studio who did not put into any effort into the game at all. 

The game is called Zombies: The Last Survivor and I was unfortunate enough to win the download code courtesy of I Play Vita's code competition on Twitter. Basically the game is a over the top RPG Shooter and you have to survive without being attacked by the zombies.

Simple right? Pfft yeah right, the game spawns way too many zombies giving you no chance to survive in result of cheap deaths and you have to use the touch screen to run. Not only that, the graphics are bland as heck as it was done like a bunch of 8 year olds. The sliced corpses are just simple cuts that was used by a cutter on photoshop. Worse enough, the title screen is so boring and generic that the developers maybe used Cooltext to make the title logo. They didn't they put any effort into it!! Even the manual tells nothing!

Why did Sony Interactive Entertainment approved this piece of crap to be on the PlayStation Store? Seriously just do yourself a favour and do not buy and play this garbage. If you to play really good shooters. I suggest Age of Zombies (Even has a Vita port) and Earth Defense Force 2 as they play much better. 

I'm sorry for sounding harsh to Infotronik Games in which they don't have any form of social media but they it least tried to make it fun but I don't know why Sony approved this. Thank god I didn't pay for this garbage. Here's the video from BlueMaxima to understand what I'm talking about:

Tuesday, 14 June 2016


So I happen to manage stay up all night and I have to admit the conference was all games and less talk this time. Only Shawn Layden and Andrew House appeared and possibly that's it. The conference lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes. So what without further ado. Let's recap what Sony has announced, and no, recently announced titles will:


Finally, Santa Monica Studio is making a brand new God of War game. But I have two questions, why does Kratos now have a son and wields an axe rather than his dual blades? Does it mean that the Greek Age has passed despite Kratos now having a beard. Compared to the older God of War games it turns out that Kratos is now much older than his usual look. I'm very interested what Sony Santa Monica is working on once this game finally releases soon.


So last few years ago, we heard that Bend Studio who recently made Uncharted Golden Abyss and a Uncharted card game for the PlayStation Vita is making the open-world survival game for the PlayStation 4 named Days Gone. The concept looked really interesting but it seems Sony also wants the taste of the open world gameplay as well. I'm not how this will turn out since they are so many open world survival games on next gen systems now.


Capcom can't just stop milking the Resident Evil series can they. After receiving average reviews on Resident Evil 5 and 6 which do not focus on the horror aspects. They decided to refer back to the drawing board and work on a new sequel that doesn't involve going round and shoot everything that moves (looking at you Resi Evil 5), Capcom wanted to make the game much more darker than the other Resident Evil games. With it being a Resident Evil game, we may happen to see some familiar characters especially the Umbrella Corporation. Will the 7th installment be any better? You can play the exclusive demo right now if you have a PlayStation Plus membership.


The orange Bandicoot finally returns to the fray after so many teases in many years. Many fans have been asking for it and what better way to celebrate his 20th Birthday. Sony and Activision are going to re-release the classic trilogy over to PS4. But who is going to develop it and which style are they using? On top of that, Crash will also be featured in the up coming Skylanders game as a guest character. I'm hoping to see more information later this year as well as a release date for the remastered collection. Good old Layden never lets anyone down. It's great to have you back again Crash.


Hideo Kojima's Kojima Productions is currently working on a new IP which stars Norman Reedus called Death Stranding. The trailer looked really odd as we saw a man stranded on shore with dead fish and attached to the baby. The concept looked interesting and I'm looking forward to see what Hideo can come up with when the game comes out 1-2 years time.  


Hold the phone. Insomniac Games is making a new MARVEL game rather than Activision/Beenox? That's a really great promise. Insomniac had been making great open-world platformers before such as Spyro for Universal, Ratchet & Clank for Sony and Sunset Overdrive for Microsoft. I'm looking forward to see what Insomniac can do with the Spider-Man license because recently, Spider-Man games that Beenox were been a bit average lately. No date yet unfortunately but it could be likely 2017.


Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed that PlayStation VR will be out on October 13th 2016 and will cost $399 at launch. I do not have a confirmed launch title list as of yet but however. My most hyped game of all-time The Last Guardian has finally gotten a release date of October 25th 2016 which is now available to pre-order on the store. That's is all I got to share. Laters.

Monday, 13 June 2016


Move over Call of Duty, it seems Id Software isn't ready for a break yet as Id Software announced yet a another project they have been working on behind closed doors and was never leaked once.

Enter Quake Champions! A new multiplayer arena shooter which features similar gameplay from Quake III Arena and new abilities and powerups (as well as old returning ones such as the famous Quad Damage). Staying true to the old-school formula, the game will feature classes and it is most likely that the game will not have this 2-weapon limit which is great and one great thing is. Id Software are working on it!! Not Raven Software, Not Splash Damage, Not Machine Games, Not Certain Affinity, Not Grey Matters. Just Id Software working yet a another kick-ass game. One unfortunate thing is that Id Software doesn't have any plans to bring Quake Champions to Xbox One or PlayStation 4 but I would really love to see those versions being made. Overall, Quake III Arena did receive console ports on PlayStation 2 and the Dreamcast. Check out the reveal trailer below. And Epic, you now have competition again:

Also, except more news on E3 later on as I'm not done....yet.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

E3 2016 IS A COMING!

So today is June and were finally into summer! It's a very big month for gaming. Why is that you ask? Every year is E3 month were major gaming companies such as Sony, Microsoft and many other major developers announce brand new games. Here are the times for each conference.

Electronic Arts:
First in foremost. EA won't be having a traditional E3 booth at the show floor. It will instead have it's own venue called EA Play at Club Nokia. But let's talk about the games. So we recently heard that EA has just revealed their next Battlefield game called simply Battlefield 1 as well as a new Titanfall sequel, it is most likely that we are going to hear more news on those games. As well as more additional news on EA Sports' titles and Mass Effect Andromeda. But about that new IP that Criterion Games is working on? We will have to see once EA hosts this conference. Btw, except to see FIFA 17 and other EA Sports titles being shown too.

Bethesda Softworks:
In my opinion Fallout 4 and the recently released Doom did quite well for Bethesda. Even though they haven't announced anything as of yet. We may happen to see more interesting IP's that their studios are working on. New Elder Scrolls anyone? Let's hope.

To be honest I don't know if there any more information regarding Microsoft's new IP's this time except they do have the Hololens in development including the abysmal Young Conker game which caused quite a stir for Conker fans by revamping his overall character design. If Microsoft wants to win this E3. They need to refrain from using gimmicky accessories. Remember when Rare had to lay off their staff because Kinect Sports Rivals sold terribly? Rare did regretting into making Kinect Sports and reverted back to making normal games such as making an awesome compilation called Rare Replay and a new IP called Sea of Thieves. We may happen to see more infomation on Gears of War 4 and a new Forza game. So how will Microsoft pull this one out. 

Last Year Ubisoft announced so many IP's. Most are recently released such as Assassin's Creed Chronicles and Far Cry Primal and some are still in the works which are For Honor, South Park: The Fractured But Whole (Please do not censor this game in EU Ubisoft I beg you!) and the recently just announced Watch Dogs 2 in which the first sequel had average reviews. For Ubi in my opinion they did alright. Sometimes they made good games and some were meh and sometimes they tend to p*ss gamers off with broken gameplay, glitches and censorship. Ubisoft really needs to be careful when terms to develop games as one screw up can p*ss their fans. And were going to see more of Just Dance are we? ¬_¬

Ahh Sony, why do you always pick a very late time for the UK? Anyway back the news. First off, DO NOT except any PSVita news, second, except ALOT of news regarding PlayStation VR and it's titles. Even though we had great first-party lined up such as David Cage's Detroit, Gran Turismo Sport, Gravity Rush 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian and Media Molecule's Dreams in the works. The PS4 is starting to get some great quality first party games which is a great. Ratchet & Clank sold well in the UK and so did Uncharted 4 and back then in 2013 and 2014 there are so many average and rushed first party titles, DRIVECLUB had to be delayed for year just to get the game polished. However, there are rumours that Santa Monica is working on a new God of War game. What I'm hoping is release dates for Dreams, Horizon and of course The Last Guardian to be released in 2016. That's all that matters to me. Even though Sony had a good relationship Activision, more news on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is likely. What I'm really hoping is that Sony announces a new Crash Bandicoot already, reboot, remake or not. If only Shawn Layden would stop teasing us. 

Still no press conference or more NX news. It's just Zelda, Zelda and more Zelda.

And I guess that's it for my theories. What do you guys think?