Monday, 8 August 2016


So I have been drawing and uploading all my artwork onto DeviantART for like 8 years now. From Powerpuff Girls, too Kids Next Door and even my own Original Drawings such as Mantu the Ball, Zonk the Martian, Tina Newbie and even my fan character Supersmith in both PPG and KND style.

After many many I sketches I drew for DeviantART. My friends and supporters really loved my artwork, some think's really cute and some think it's really awesome. Not to mention my monthly request giveaways were a success. However I tried out point commissions on DeviantART but it seems no one isn't interested. As from September, I'm going to try and do artwork for cash via PayPal. Why PayPal? It's just so I can raise a bit of money and save up on things. But however, there is one rule. It has to be original characters as I don't own KND or other things I do not own but I will use the point system for these sort of characters. I'm going to first give these a try to my close relatives and then expand it a bit more. But first, more practice with my creativity skills and then I will take a step forward one at a time.