Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Remember back in the mid-90's when we had such great arcade hits such as Ridge Racer, Point Blank, Daytona USA, SEGA Rally, Virtua Cop and House of the Dead? Well it's all thanks to these awesome companies from the likes of SEGA and Namco (AKA: Bandai Namco to be exact).

These companies produced and developed some timeless arcade classics. So awesome they were also ported to video game consoles. Even though SEGA had alot of arcade games for their own hardware which is the SEGA Saturn. Namco however made an exclusive tie-in deal with Sony Interactive Entertainment to bring their titles such as Tekken, Point Blank, Time Crisis and Ridge Racer exclusively to PlayStation, thus competing against SEGA and their lineup of home versions of their arcade hits on the Saturn. Namco however also developed many peripherals for the PlayStation system which includes a arcade stick, the NeGcon controller that twists and even the G-Con 45, a light gun used for Time Crisis and other shooting games.

With Namco and SEGA competing in amusement gaming. 
  • SEGA had Daytona USA and SEGA Rally, Namco had Ridge Racer.
  • SEGA had Virtua Fighter, Namco had Tekken. 
  • SEGA had House of the Dead and Virtua Cop, Namco had Time Crisis and Point Blank.
  • SEGA had pinball machines, Namco had NamCam technology.
  • SEGA had AM2, Namco had System 22 hardware.
You know, back in the 90's it was filled with games both created by SEGA and Namco. While many are very underrated such Namco's Prop Cycle and Gunmen Wars which had kick-ass soundtrack by the way. But more commonly, some amusement places still has SEGA's Outrun 2 game. If you're really lucky and if your local amusement place took great care of these two machines, you might still happen to find SEGA Rally and Daytona USA which are both released in 1994. I'm so glad that these machines still exist today. You know if I had to pick either SEGA or Namco. Well I don't know. Namco makes great shooting games while SEGA makes great racing games so for me I'd pick both. 

Yes Namco did have their timeless classic arcade games such as Pac-Man, Galaxian, Dig-Dug and others but however. I'm only focusing in the 90's. I kinda miss the 32-bit days of arcade gaming. It was good. 

Before I head off, here's a little fun fact. Today, Namco stills makes amusement games today such as Time Crisis 5 as well as other 4D games. They even have their own entertainment centres across the UK as Namco Funscape which has allsorts of fun and games. Oh and didn't you know that Namco and Nintendo joined forces by developing a Mario Kart arcade game which had Namco's characters in it?

Friday, 2 September 2016


So basically, I have managed to watch a new Nintendo Direct which heavily focuses on Nintendo 3DS games. If you didn't manage to watch the presentation. You can watch here to refresh your memory:

To recap the whole in a nutshell:
  • Super Mario Maker goes portable on Nintendo 3DS and has a release date of 2nd December in both North America and Europe. Unfortunely however, here is no online course sharing which is kind of a bummer.
  • Four years later, Animal Crossing New Leaf is getting a new Amiibo update on November 25th which allows you to use AC Amiibos to add new content to the game. 
  • Poochy & Yoshi's Wolly World, a conversion from the Wii U is getting a new 3DS version along with new features and modes. The game is due out 3rd February in both North America and Europe.
  • Picross 3D Round 2 is out now in North America just after the presentation. Europe however has a release date of 2nd December.
  • 4 New Zelda Amiibos including the 3D 8-bit NES version of Link is due out on 2nd December to celebrate The Legend of Zelda's 30th Anniversary.
  • Yokai Watch 2 Poke! is due out in North America on September 30th. Even though the fixed date for Europe is 2017. I do not have a confirm date for Europe as of yet.
  • Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice is out on September 27th in North America while September 30th in Europe.
  • Hyrule Warrior Legends is getting new DLC based on the two Nintendo DS Zelda games, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks
  • Dragon Quest VII is due out on September 16th. While Dragon Quest VIII has a 2017 release date.
  • A new 2D Pikmin game has been announced. No firm date as of yet.
  • Disney Magical World 2 also has release date of October 14th in both North America and Europe.
  • Rhythm Paradise Megamix has a release date for October 21st. You can try out the demo right now. The game is already out in North America however.
  • Mario Party Star Rush has two different release dates. October 7th in Europe and November 4th in North America. New Amiibos including a glow in the dark Boo Amiibo will release along side it.
  • A new Mario sports title (not the actual adventure game unfortunately) Mario Sports Superstars is due out next year with no firm date as of yet.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Pikmin surprised launched for the Wii U.
  • Mii Plaza now has 5 new games. You can download StreetPass Trader or StreetPass Slot Racer for free.
  • Tank Troopers is due out 2017. No firm date yet.
  • Nintendo EU/UK has announced a new Pokemon Sun/Moon Nintendo 2DS bundle. Pokemon Sun/Moon is due out on 23th November in Europe. The game is due out 18th November however in North America.
  • 3 new New Nintendo 3DS colours and the special Mini NES micro console is out on November 11th. While the Pokemon version of the N3DS is out on November 18th, however the game won't be included.
  • Nintendo is holding a 10% special offer on several indie games. Including the awesome Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 from Inti Creates which launches on 
  • Ever Oasis has no firm date yet.
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse and 7th Dragon III Code VFD has a firm date of Winter 2017. No date for Europe as of yet but I will let you when Deep Silver has more info.
  • Capcom's latest entry in the Phoenix Wright series Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice has a release of September 8th in both North America and Europe.
Phew, talk about alot of announcements for Nintendo 3DS. But I'm not done yet. Some My Nintendo rewards has been added. No new games though but there are some good rewards such as:
  • Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 1: Legend of Zelda x Mario Kart 8: 60 GOLD COINS
  • My Nintendo Theme 4: Samus: 200 PLATINUM COINS
  • 15% off Discount for Mario Kart 8 (WII U): 500 PLATINUM COINS
  • 15% off Discount for Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros (3DS).: 200 PLATINUM COINS
  • 30% off Discount for Nano Assault EX (3DS): 250 PLATINUM COINS
  • 50% off Discount for Xtype Plus (WII U): 150 PLATINUM COINS
  • 30% off Discount for Super Mario Galaxy (WII): 350 PLATINUM COINS
And that's it from me.