I am now currently taking PayPal commissions as of right now as I want to save up cash and maybe even improve my skills. But remember, I do these quite cheap.

Sketch: £3.00

Sketch with Pen Ink: £3.50

Sketch with color: £3.75

Black Lineart only: £4.00

Coloured: £4.50

Lineless Coloured: £4.75

50p for an additional character
50p for a background

Not only, I also do avatars, logos, wallpapers and even banners for other social media users such as Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube. Here are my samples of work that I have created in the past months:

Here are the prices for the following content that I can work on:

AVATAR: £2.50
WALLPAPER (1920x1080): £5.75
BANNER: £5.50

If you are interested with any of works being created for you or have any questions regarding my work. Simply contact me at 

Thanks very much for your interest and hope you can get in touch soon.

  • Unfortunately I can only do Original Characters and Original Content created by you as I DO NOT use other content made by other people. I'd love too but it's against the law to sell stuff I don't own. Sorry.
  • I will only take PayPal payments as of right now.
  • I will work on your order once the payment has being received.
  • Please keep your questions related to my creations. I do not answer questions related to different topics.
  • I do not do porn, extreme violence, sex related material or even disturbing content. 
  • Please be patient, I will work on your commissions as soon as I can.
  • If you live outside the UK, you can also pay in your currency since PayPal is an international service and will transfer into my currency once paid.

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