Friday, 18 November 2016


So finally during my Level 2 Games Design course at college. I was tasked into making animated people at college. One being puppet animation and the other my personal favorite. The traditional animation. At first, I wasn't that good at using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash Professional. But however, after a few practices and few play-arounds later. This is the results:

With that kind of style. I could like minisodes or even quick pliots with this style. If I only had Adobe Flash that is. But here's the kicker, it's too expensive and it's now subscription based. But however, I was supposed to do the stick figure for the game. But hey, it was fun doing them. No wonder why animation worns me out. Just hope I can get it sometime and make some at home. If only.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016


You know, I have been meaning to talk about this for a very long time now and I think it's now a good time to talk about this. Remember back in the early 2000's and the 1990's. Now before I nitpick about cartoons, I've started using Netflix again in my opinion, half of their content is actually quite good, you have the 2000's version of Doctor Who, House of Cards, Breaking Bad, every single Power Rangers show, every single Star Trek show, Top Gear, the whole series of Thats 70's Show, Big Bang Theory, and 3rd Rock from the Sun. And hell, we even just gotten Cowboy Bebop and Adult Swim's Rick & Morty joining the Netflix party. And not to mention, Netflix's original shows such as Daredevil, The Crown and Better Call Saul are receiving excellent reviews and ratings from critics and fans. The thing is, what about cartoons?

TV Networks such as Cartoon Network, TCC and even Boomerang used to air great favorite Saturday Morning Cartoons such as the excellent video-game based Earthworm Jim and WB's finest show called the Animaniacs? As of today, none of these childhood favorite doesn't seem to be on British TV anymore and there is NO way to watch or buy the shows legally, even on digital platforms such as Amazon Video, Google Video and even it's company YouTube. For me, I used to love watching Cartoon Network shows, as of today, I can't find a legal way into watching them, and yes, uploading them onto YouTube doesn't EVEN help as networks may tend to get serious with their content being uploaded illegally by other users and can even take them down and cause the user to get suspended off YouTube. This is a forgivable tactic toward the companies as they own the rights to the series.

But one thing that has gotten me bothered about them, why do they never release their content on DVD or on digital platforms in the UK? I mean get this, the only time Cartoon Network and Warner Home Video has released a show as a complete series box set is Ben 10 Alien Force, that's it. And the only time I get to see Cartoon Network shows again is on Netflix for only a mere two years. Nickelodeon's Spongebob Squarepants and possibly even Dora the Explorer has been Netflix UK's streaming platform since it launched in the UK back in 2012 and here we are in 2016, they still remain on the service but with episodes being removed and replaced throughout. And what's worse, Codename: Kids Next Door has yet to be on any streaming service as of yet, not even on NOW TV or Amazon Video and only Season 6 is available on iTunes. Because this show I really want to watch isn't even available, I had no choice but to do something that I shouldn't done just to watch the show, what's worse, the entire series or the Operation Z.E.R.O. special never saw a DVD release even in North America because the CEO Stuart Snyder wanted to ditch cartoons for live-action which received major backlash from the fans.

So as of right now, if there is a great TV show that we really want to watch again, we have no choice but to visit torrent sites and risk ourselves into getting a virus or get fined. And worse, YouTube removes them or block them due to licensing. You know what's sad, I feel really sorry for kids today who don't know what cartoons were really mean't to be as we are now stuck with crappy CGI shows and overrated junk. Oh and before I go, Peppa Pig, Spongebob SquarePants and Transformers Prime is available on all three streaming platforms.

Now if you excuse me, I will watch these shows in the first paragraph that are worth my time.