Friday, 13 January 2017


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So Nintendo has finally revealed so much information regarding Nintendo's brand new hybrid game console/handheld system that due to come out 3rd March 2017. And holy crap, there are so many good games coming out for the Nintendo Switch. You got a new Super Mario game that takes place in different worlds rather than the Mushroom Kingdom, a new Splatoon sequel, Mario Kart 8 DX, EA Sports FIFA, new Shin Megami Tensei game from Atlus, new Zenoblade Chornicles sequel from Monolithsoft, a new Fire Emblem Musou Warriors titles possibly from Koei Tecmo, Skyrim from Bethesda and heck even Puyo Puyo Tetris is finally getting localized with many thanks to Deep Sliver. And oh, Sonic Mania is also confirmed it's on getting a Switch port. Overall this is all great news.

The question is, can it sell very well and will it gain more 3rd-party support from other AA developers? The thing is, I really hope so since the Switch looks like an interesting piece of hardware and has many many great games in development. Buuut no Metroid unfortunately.

On the bright side, the Switch is region free and thank god Nintendo actually listened for once. But what I want Nintendo to see is re-consider their copyright restrictions on YouTube and possibly decent games. Just hope Nintendo doesn't slip up and drive away third-parties again like what happened to the Wii U. And what Nintendo also needs to re-consider is their censorship policy. 

However, the £280 launch price seems quite steep for a Nintendo console as there not many games in the launch line-up. And yeah, I know there is going to be shovelware and gimmickly type games at launch. Mostly being Just Dance from Ubisoft (yuck!).

Overall, let's hope the system sells well and gains decent games this time.  

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