Thursday, 4 May 2017


Well it's been a long time seen I have written blogs haven't I? I was going to write about the amazing company known as called Scavenger but this is for a another time. When I was studying at college. I was able to get the hang of it with Autodesk 3DS Max. I wanted to make Mantu because he is easy and very simple to do. And this is the result:

This is the first time that Mantu has ever been created in 3D with the use of 3DS Max. All it take is a simple use of primitive shapes and then put them together to create the perfect Mantu 3D Model. I also designed many screenies with him such as this:

And this:

All created with the use of two tools with photoshop to design the textures for the models. I would love to see Mantu being transfred into Garry's Mod, but that is if anyone is willing too. I mean Mantu in real time 3D. I could dream. 

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