Tuesday, 13 June 2017


First up, a few games that has gotten new gameplay trailers were actually good and so is the pre-show. Before I talk about the negatives let's talk about the negatives. We finally got gameplay trailers of Spider-Man, Days Gone and even the most anticipated God of War as well as two expansions for Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted. And not to mention, we are finally getting Undertale on a video game system which is awesome since that game is very popular and well received.

The pre-show is actually good. As for the main games conference itself, it's just in my opinion is just meh, The overall presentation is just too boring even the audience doesn't seem to find it interesting. All it is it just starts out as a live musical performance for one of the expansions followed by a bunch of gameplay trailers of games we have already heard of especially Actvision's Destiny 2 and Call of Duty WWII in which I KNEW it was going to be shown at a damn Sony conference. Is it true Sony is shifting away all the good stuff for pre-shows and PS Experiences now? Back then, Sony's E3 conferences were very interesting to watch. Looking at it now it's just trailers and only one guy which is Shawn Layden himself presenting the conference. No developers, no Sony representatives, no demos, no nothing.

And on top of that and I know it wasn't presented at the conference. They introduced a another gimmick series called PlayLink. All it is you're USING a smart device as the controller and that's it. Also, you have to download the app for the damn thing to play it. In my opinion, I don't think the PlayLink isn't going to be a success. I mean, Sony tried bullshit with the PlayStation Move which they copied from Nintendo and it failed. They tried it again with the Wonderbook and only a mere 4 titles were released for the sodding thing because nobody is interested.

Sony, remember when Microsoft discontinued the Kinect because it's library of shovelware games sucked ass and developers stopped making them due to how sucky the Kinect is and it can even invade people's privacy? To be honest PlayLink is a really dumb idea. You're not even using the DualShock 4 pad anymore. You're basically using a smartphone app on a device to interact with the game. Look Sony, I played quizzes that I can make use my smartphone optionally to interact with the website, I can read questions on the board and then answer them on my phone and it's even free to play. I'd rather play Kahoot! over PlayLink. And what's worse, one of the PlayLink titles called ''It's You'' is going to be one the PlayStation 4 titles for PlayStation Plus and I was really pissed off about this. PlayStation Plus isn't JUST about online only, local multiplayer only and soon to be smartphone only titles. PlayStation Plus is all about fun games, with so many average titles and titles that just basically play the same. It's just starting to get worse and worse and worse. Remember when EA used to support your asses by giving out free games for Plus members? What's happening with that now?

Overall, I don't think Sony didn't do well at all with the Conference. The show was boring and it's just games that were already leaked or I heard of. And thanks for announcing a Plus game that I will certainly can't play due to the fact it needs 2 or more players that has smartphones. smh!

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